A single bronze casting can be made with one wax model and one mold.

The pattern created by the process called Shidoyaki is unique to each piece due to the various conditions of this process.

Products are made with the skills of the artisan and the power of nature. Every piece has its own beauty as if it has it’s own life within it.

We believe it is important to  understand and allow the natural laws.

Not a single product made by this process is the same.

The beauty of cast bronze products improves over time and owners tend to become more attached to it as time passes by.

These cast bronze products are not able to be mass produced due to the hand made process of casting and polishing.

That is why we produce all of them with special care and strong wishes.

If you could choose to use our products for some special occasions in your life, we will be very happy.

The method and culture of bronze casting has been around Ookubo area for more than 650 years now and  we believe that, Hara Souemon Koubou’s calling is to continue producing products which are beautiful and useful in our life into the future.