We are part of KYO PROJECT which we work with Design Farm in Singapore. Please take a look at these products which are created by a brilliant new designer and Ookubo blond casting.

We have collaborated for various projects with creative teams both in and outside Japan.

This project collaborated with Design Farm in Singapore and Japanese traditional crafts in order to design new lines of products with new concepts and designs.

KYO PROJECT started in April, 2016.

At ShingaPlural in Singapore in March 2017, we exhibited our collaboration products made with Design team Asylum.

Dancing Flames is bronze casting all crafted by hand.

Hanshido is bronze with speckled purplish red patterns which is caused by quality charcoal fire and the skills of the artisan.  This Hanshidou combined with Mr Chris Lee’s design made this piece very special,  one-of-a-kind art with quiet yet huge presence.

This will be exhibited in March 2018 in Hong Kong.

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Hyakunen-Monogatari Project

We are part of Hyakunen-Monogatari Project.

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